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Whether you are looking for something small and quite like a table fountain or large and original like a waterfall fountain, we have a fountain for every style.  For thousands of years, people have used the sounds of flowing water to provide calming and stress relieving feelings.

If you need a fountain for your outdoor garden or patio, you have a wide range of options available.  Solar fountains are great for sunny spots far away from power sources or even a great addition to eco-friendly spots.  Waterfall fountains are best for people who want to drown out noisy sounds or who have large areas that are in need of a focal point.  Birdbaths are perfect for bird lovers who want to give their little friends some special attention.  Our garden fountains can add the final touch a perfectly landscaped garden.  And for those nights spent outside on the patio, our lighted fountains can create a wonderful show.

We also offer fountains for inside homes for those who want to bring the charm of outdoor water features inside.  There is a fountain to match any interior decorating style; from our slate and rock fountains to our tiki and bamboo fountains, there is something for everyone.  We also offer indoor wall fountains which are perfect for areas that do not have enough floor space for a fountain.  If you need something to spice up a small space, try one of our tabletop fountains which were designed for small spaces.

With our easy to navigate website, here at Zen Water Fountains you will be able to find something to meet your needs easy and fast.  If you have any questions our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is here to help you. Your search stops here; ZenWaterFountains.com has a fountain for everyone!