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Why Your Desk Needs a Tabletop Water Fountain

We all know how stressful that life can be. Driving in traffic, having bills to pay, and being in a poor working environment are just a few of the things that build up and create stress in our lives. Such high stress levels are detrimental to our health and can cause serious health complications if that stress is not released. To keep our body stress free and truly healthy you must have a daily source of relaxation that provides serenity and a feeling of happiness to your body.

Relieve Stress

The sound of running water along with the visual stimulation of watching water flow freely is one of the greatest ways that us humans can relive stress and relax. The majority of people spend a large portion of their work day sitting in an office at a desk. Whether in a corporate or home office, the perfect way to relieve stress and optimize happiness is to have a Tabletop Water Fountain on your desk. This will provide your body the entire time that you are at work with the stimulus of the sound of water flowing and the visual of it as well. This turns your stressful work desk into a place of Zen and beauty.

Block out Distracting Noises

The workplace or home office can be filled with distracting and annoying sounds. From the chatter of coworkers or dogs barking outside, little noises like this frustrate us and cause us to lose focus from our work. Desk fountains are the perfect way to drown out those annoying noises and allow you to work free from irritation. Water flow can eliminate obnoxious environmental noises without becoming a distraction. Most pumps are also adjustable so you can set the water flow to achieve your ideal sound level.

Moisturize the Air

Indoor fountains are also an excellent way to freshen up a stale work room or office. Water fountains release bits of moisture into the air as they circulate. This can eliminate the dry and stale air that is commonly found in offices and indoor rooms. Eliminating dry air makes the space more comfortable and relaxing by preventing common things that dry air causes such as itchy skin, dried throat and eyes, and other distracting symptoms that take away from productivity and healthy living.

Make your Desk look Amazing

Not only are fountains great for your body and productivity, they also look amazing and beautiful. Tabletop fountains look gorgeous on a desk and fascinate visitors. It also allows you to have a great view while working at a desk all day. With some many colors and styles to choose from, you can easily find a fountain that matches your personal style and that will fit perfectly on your desk, table, or counter.

Check out our huge selection of TableTop Fountains and pick the best fountain to transform your desk and office into a place of tranquility and productivity today!

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